I am tired hearing about Abu Ghraib, Let’s move on to important things

The treatment of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison was a travesty but I think it is time to move on. The reporters are beginning to sound strident and hypocritical. I have found that I wander away to do something else when they come on. In a strange irony I am beginning to feel sorry for the newscasters because I think they will ultimately be the big losers. There are more important issues that have been neglected and some people are pissed. Graffiti has started to appear on places that distribute the New York Times. Others will likely follow. With all of the competition from different media, I am beginning to believe the profession of journalism is dead. Like an increasing number of people I get most of my information from the internet. I find most of the infomation that is truly interesting via blogs. Radio, television, and newspapers reporters are increasingly on the periphery and frequently being marginalized. We have already entered into a new era. The mob rules!