RE: Bush pitches handover plan to UN

Resolution presented to the Security Council would pave the way for Iraqi rule.

[Via Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

Well, I think I see why the US seemed to be working so hard to contain and coverup the flaws in the UN exposed by UNSCAM. Other people have said that considering the pervasiveness of the corruption revealed in the oil-for-palaces scheme, the idea of involving the UN in the transistion plan was DOA. I cannot believe the Iraqi people will be too thrilled to hear about the change in management. I have read that the Iraqi people believe the UN was directly involved with keeping Sadaam in power. The Iraqi people make not like the US but I would not be to surprised if they dislike the UN even more. It will take some serious whitewashing by the press to convince everyone that the UN leadership in the Iraqi transistion plan is a smart idea despite the reluctance of the Iraqi people. As they say in the south, this dog won’t hunt. I think there is a 50-50 chance this will unravel after a short 90 day honeymoon.

Maybe this is the real reason Chalabi got the boot. The Telegraph article hints at that in Billion-dollar timebomb puts Chalabi at risk. Regardless, I think the UN plan will unravel and the blue hats will be targeted on arrival for a special Iraqi homecoming.