RE: UNSCAM UPDATE: Many U.N. employees fear reprisals(…)


Many U.N. employees fear reprisals from their bosses if they step forward with information on the Iraq oil-for-food scandal or report other allegations of corruption, according to a shocking internal survey released yesterday.

A recent poll of 6,086 employees and managers released on the U.N. Web site revealed that the staff has little faith in the world body leadership's commitment to ethics and integrity and that most believe that when allegations of wrongdoing surface, they are not properly handled.

The survey, conducted by an outside consulting firm for the U.N. Office of Internal Oversight, also revealed that a large plurality of the staffers feel unprotected from reprisals for reporting violations because the United Nations does not have strong enough whistleblower protection and is run by an "old-boys network."


It is probably taking all of the power of the presidency to keep the UN scandal from unraveling before the Iraqi government change over. Once the Iraqi government gets on its feet, I think the dam will break and the accusations of corruption and bribery will begin in earnest. I would not be surprised if Bush is re-elected that Congress will require UN reform before they will authorize funding. I am guessing that Congress will feel less bold and sure they of themselves if Kerry is elected.