Dueling Biases

. . . is pretty close to what I said. Investors.com, a site of Investor’s Business Daily, discovers the liberal bias in the media and asks a blunt question:

Using the median ADA rating of the 435 members of the House of Representatives as the most appropriate definition of a centrist voter in America, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, USA Today and CBS Evening News are not just liberal. Their ratings are much closer to the Democrats’ average ADA rating in Congress than they were to the center, and miles from the Republicans’ average rating.The liberal point of view is very important in America. It is needed to provide balance and ensure everyone’s ideas are heard. The crucial question now is: At a time of war and future terrorist risk to our country’s safety and open way of life, will the liberal media’s bias help defend and protect us or weaken and undermine us?

Which is about the same question I wrote in “Dueling biases” last May. I wrote that there are only four possible outcomes to the present war, only one of which is positive for the United States specifically or the West generally. Then –

For the news media, I ask you: which outcome do you want? It is not possible to pretend neutrality here, for the power of the media to frame the public’s debate is too great to claim you are merely being “fair and balanced.” There literally is no neutral ground here, no “God’s eye view” of events, and hence no possibility of not taking sides. One way or another, what you print or broadcast, what stories you cover and how you cover them, what attention you pay to what issues and how you describe them – all these things mean that you will support one outcome over another. Which will you choose? How will you support it? These are the most important questions of your vocation today. But you are not facing them at all.

The question is still urgent, and a lot more people are starting to realize it. (via Bill Quick)

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