How many inadvertent mistakes are you allowed before people start to wonder about you?

A Kerry Adviser Leaves the Race Over Missing Documents. Samuel R. Berger resigned amid criticism over his improper handling of classified documents on terrorism. By By ERIC LICHTBLAU. [The New York Times > Home Page]

If the New York Times cannot make this look good no one can. Since they are the ring leaders of the media bias craze I thought they would be the nicest to Mr. Berger's plight. They stressed that the removal of the documents was inadvertent but said little else. Since they won't ask the probing question that is on my mind I will. I would like to believe that this was a simple mistake but the material he removed is confidential. The rules are well known and strict. A former National Security Advisor should be very familiar with the rules concerning the handling of confidential documents and the consequences of breaking the rules. How is it that a man advising Bill Clinton and John Kerry on national security matters could make this type of "inadvertent" mistake with high profile confidential documents? Is our former National Security Advisor sloppy? What does this say about the quality of his advice on national security matters and the character of Mr. Berger? A man of character would of  returned the material when he first detected that he had made the mistake. He or she could then admit that they had made an "inadvertent" mistake and move on with their life. It appears he did not return the documents for several months. He returned some of the documents when the National Archives I asked about them. A search warrant was issued and several documents are believed to have been inadvertently discarded! By my reckoning there was more than one mistake here and only one of the mistakes can be "inadvertent". I always wondered why Bill Clinton's friends and advisors did not try to do more to stop him when he started his affair with Monica. What were they thinking? Now I think I have seen a glimpse of the character of Clinton's inner circle and it is not pretty. His association with the Kerry campaign is now a liability that will be hard to get rid of.