RE: Convention blogging

I have not seen one minute of TV coverage of the Democratic National Convention, and Lord willing will have a similar viewing experience for the Republican one. A political junkie I am not, preferring to focus more on religious issues, foreign policy and military affairs (and all three intertwine).But I suppose I’ll tune in some tonight and the duty of a citizen will impel me to watch at least Kerry’s speech on closing night.

In the meantime, Geitner Simmons (who on-site covered both 1988 conventions in 1988) has some brief observations about last night’s events.

And read Geitner’s post about how “creative destruction” underlies economic health and prosperity, and why avoiding creative destruction has sent Old Europe’s economies into free fall.

[Via One Hand Clapping]

I cannot agree more about the conventions. They are tedious and boring! Much ado about nothing!

I did enjoy the short read by Geitner on “creative destruction” and Old Europe. It is a subject that continues to surface as we ponder about our friends in Europe and where they might be going. I guess the problem is that they are not going anywhere but are being left behind.