Ruly's Great Adventure

Last night we had a horse get loose. My niece and her friend came running up the stairs at 9 pm to tell us a lady had driven up and said a horse was loose on the road. I thanked the lady and then proceeded to walk across the paddocks to the far field. I counted the horses as I went. The geldings were surprised to see me and snorted at me until they could figure out who I was. The mares recognized me almost immediately. I counted the horses and I was missing one horse, Ruly. Since all of the gates were still locked I scanned the fence line and soon found a break. Somehow she had knocked down three boards in a four board fence. I did not find any blood. That’s good!Boy, these horses are strong! I looked around on the street but could not find her. I came back with the car a little later. I found manure on the street and hoof marks near our neighbor. Since I did not see Ruly I was now pretty sure she was in the woods. It was going to be darn near impossible to find her and get her out of the woods so I went home. Trying to lead 1200 pounds of excited horse out of thick brush would be difficult and very dangerous for me. I went home and went to bed. She would find her way out. Andi made one more trip in the car to try and find her before going to bed. The next morning Andi woke me up early. She has seen Ruly. Ruly had made it out of the woods but was now blocked by a fence. For all the damage to the fence Ruly had suffered only minor abrasions. She was still excited but probably grateful to see me. Her great adventure was over.