RE: Telegraph | Opinion | Kerry: strange, stuck-up… and stupid

I said a couple of weeks back that John Kerry was too strange to be President, and a week or two earlier that he was too stuck-up to be President. Since I'm on an alliterative roll, let me add that he's too stupid to be President. What sort of idiot would make the centrepiece of his presidential campaign four months of proud service in a war he's best known for opposing?

Why didn't someone pull John Kerry aside and say this campaign strategy doesn't pass the laugh test? As a result I think John Kerry will be a weak president if elected. He does not have strong enough convictions and political savy to lead his own party like Bill Clinton. He is too dependent on his advisors to determine which way the political wind is blowing. The bad news is that he has gotten very poor advice from his advisors. You got to of seen this one coming! Since the political wounds from this fiasco are his own doing his leadership skills are now on trial.