– Memos debate eclipses content

This article talks about the real casualty of the awol memos story, the credibility of “mainstream media”. Most people believe the memos are fake and that Bush got preferential treatment. They do not seem to care that Bush got preferential treatment but they are wondering why CBS did not notice the obvious signs of forgery. The “mainstream media” has been putting off comments about media bias as “right wing paranoia” for some time. They have been “dissing” bloggers for not having the high standards of professional journalism. Well, I guess CBS has revealed what the “true” standards of profession journalism really are and that media bias does exist. It is ironic that the media bias in the story selection and story content by CBS and others has driven viewers to cable news and the internet to seek a balanced story. Political bloggers have become important because the facts are out there and the whole story is not being told. Now the failures mainstream media to be the professional journalists they claim to be has encouraged bloggers and others to try and catch mainstream media making mistakes.