RE: 60 Minutes of Fame

[Via Opinion]

In this article Bernard Goldberg highlights probably the fundamental problem in rathgate, media bias has probably permanently damaged the reputation of journalism. This bias has led experienced journalists down a path to make decisions that novice journalists would not make. I have to admit that I did not consider media bias a problem until I started comparing the news I read from the internet with that from the major news media this year. Part of the problem was that I ignored the major news media because I preferred news presented by PBS for reasons I never investigated until this year. The reason I finally realized that media bias existed and was not a phony issue was because of my wife. Over the last couple of years she gradually became interested in discussing current events. Since we do not get a newspaper and she is an internet neophyte, her only source of information is the major media news. Guess what? She started getting mad. When I tried to guide her to PBS for a more balanced news, she got mad at me. When I look at these events in retrospect I feel sorry for Dan Rather and John Kerry. Dan is trying to blame others but it was his foolish mistake. I feel sorry for John since once again his campaign messages got drowned out by his "friends". As they say in the military, "Friendly fire isn’t friendly".