I was helping out in an info area at the church last Sunday. A woman came in after the service and was visibly distraught over something. Although my primary job is to help people find information on our various programs, I occasionally find myself in many different roles. This woman was upset over Farenheit 911 and wanted to know what the church was going to do about the issues brought up in the movie. Then she told me she knew it was propaganda but she couldn't get over it. So I listened. She desparately needed to talk this problem out. When I did talk to her it was to share my concerns over the conditions of the Iraq people and our young soldiers. I carefully avoided political opinions since I knew this her seeking healing and not about how smart I was. I tried to encourage here to step back from the rhetoric of the movie and talk to her friends about her concerns. She started to feel much better. As we were finishing up she tried to talk me into seeing the movie. I politely refused. I have not seen any of the previous Michael Moore movies.  I am not anti-Michael Moore as much as I would prefer to spend my $9 to go see something like Spiderman 2. Now that's entertainment! When I wanted facts about 9-11, I read the 9-11 commission report.