Why I Think This Election is Good for the Democrats

I think that this election will end up being very important in changing the Democratic party for the better. Although I have primarily voted Republican and I am not an expert on the Democratic party, I cannot help but think the Democrats are their own worst enemy. In this election I felt the Democratic party platform was over shadowed by Michael Moore and various conspiracy theories. It was well into the debates before I had a clue about the key issues in the Democratic platform. I think that this strategy was much better for the ratings of newscasters than getting Democratic candidates elected. The election results for the presidency, senate, and house make a very loud statement of a need for change in the Democratic party. It is time for the Democratic party to get back to its roots, do a better job of serving its core constituencies, and understanding their values. It will not be pretty or fun to be around, but I think this group of Democratic factions can re-invent themselves into a viable force by 2006. We, the people, will benefit from the improved health in the Democratic party as a balancing force in the government. The Democratic party will have to earn new respect by putting forth new and vibrant plans for addressing and improving the important issues affecting the average man or woman. Good Luck!