Non-statistical sample from the election

After I voted last Tuesday I went grocery shopping and decided to get my hair cut while I was nearby. The hairdresser was a young woman about eighteen. She saw my “I voted” sticker and proceeded to ecstatically ramble on about her experience of voting for the first time. I was somewhat surprised to find out that she was a Bush supporter. If you believe our national media had the youth vote figured out, she should of been rambling on about Kerry. Later that day when I talked to several kids who work for us. They also voted in their first election. I didn’t ask but they were eager to tell me that they were advid Bush supporters. I guess this should not have surprised me. I work with a lot of high school age kids at our farm and at church. I am frequently reminded that they are far more capable of independent thought than they let on to their parents or teachers. Sometimes their thoughts has shown an amazing depth to their heart. I just find it amazing that they also ignored the predictions from our national media.