Review of Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I ended up watching this movie twice. It was cute, funny, and somewhat unpredictable. Tyler Perry is a blast as he plays Madea, Uncle Joe, and Brian. The director did a great job balancing the crazy antics of Madea with the more serious side of the movie, a rich portrayal of forgivenesss overcoming the desire for revenge and the fear of being hurt again. This is a good story and one worth telling. As good as Tyler Perry was it was the skill of the rest of the cast that made the movie work for me. I like a good story and they told me a good story. Tyler’s antics with Madea and Uncle Joe made a good story sparkle just a little bit more. The combination of good acting, directing, and a Christian theme encourages me to recommend the movie. I give the movie an A. The professional reviews listed at Yahoo! gave it a C while the movie goers gave it a B+.