RE: Should we toss out “infected churches”

Here is a zinger from United Methodist Bishop James Swanson. He notes that today many people simply ditch a computer hopelessly infected with virii, trojan horses or other malicious code, then buy a new replacement.

It is my opinion that it is not in purchasing new equipment or better technology that is our challenge. It is changing our mindset in such a way that we become open to the new possibilities, shapes and forms of offering Christ to an ever-changing world. And maybe it is more cost effective and less stressful to create new churches than it is to repair the infected ones we already have.

Pretty shocking?

The bishop also has some observations about the report of the National Institute of Standards and Technology on why the World Trade Center’s twin towers collapsed, and what their report has to do with the collapse of the mainline churches in the last few decades.

[Via One Hand Clapping]