RE: New Orleans’s Future

What determines if a city recovers from disaster?


This last week I have been pondering the future of New Orleans. I have been comparing their problems to the problems that faced Galveston in the 1900. Galveston was the “financial capital” of Texas before the 1900 hurricane. It rebuilt but never again achieved its previous glory. In the 1980’s it finally embraced who it was and embarked on revitalization. Once again it became an appealing destination.

It is a daunting task for the city to rebuild but an even more challenging task for the city to lay the framework for future growth. Some people are not going to return. The OpinionJournal article hightlights the historical challenges that have faced famous cities and lays down the challenge of embracing an “attitude adjustment”. This disaster could be the final nail in the coffin or a blessing for the future of New Orleans. The plight of New Orleans rests firmly in the vision of the city leaders.