Note to Democratic Party, How not to elect a Democratic president

It has become increasingly obvious that the Katrina disaster has been taken advantage of by the Democratic party and that the liberal bias in the press has once again reared its ugly head. Since the Democratic party needs some cross-over voters to win the presidency I have been surprised at their actions. I really should not advice these two esteemed institutions on this subject but here goes:

  1. You should not blame the hurricane on global warming or President Bush. At least half the population thinks you are stupid or biased. So it is much better to say nothing, then to remove all doubt.
  2. Do not play the race card! A lot of white people were personally hurt by that allegation. After a lot of research I am fimly convinced that the primary culprit in leaving behind the poor and primarily black people of New Orleans was the city government. If the city government is unwilling to bus its poor and sick people out of town to safety, no state or federal action will be there in time. Poor people are going to die. In case you haven’t noticed the mayor is black. Since I am white I can say that a lot of us are mad at both the press and the Democratic party for playing up this issue.
  3. The President sacrificed the head of FEMA and has set the tone for how we as a nation should view incompetence in disaster management. The Democratic party needs to sacrifice at least Nagin although Blanco may be easier to sacrifice. Despite wishful thinking by the Democratic party, the local politics of New Orleans is important to the rest of the nation when you are talking about investing $150 billion in the region. I cannot imagine the rest of United States will be willing to spend this money without some assurances at the local level that they have changed their ways. Spending $150 billion and repeating this fiasco is not an option! I think the bus and police issues have doomed Nagin. I think city hall will be more willing to make the necessary changes with him out of office. Blanco is a dark horse candidate for local whipping boy. She somehow showed some amazingly visible incompetence in a disaster she should have planned a minor part. Since she won in a run off election she maybe more politically vulnerable.