Intelligent Design and the Pontiff?

Zenit News Agency – The World Seen From Rome

I was pondering the debate over evolution and intelligent design over the last couple of days. I am not sure why I was doing it. Last night my wife and I got into a discussion on evolution and the Big Bang Theory. Whew, that was scary! Today I did a little research on intelligent design and found this.

The Pontiff concluded, exhorting his listeners to allow themselves “to be awakened by this Word of God” and invited them to pray that “he clear our minds so that we will be able to perceive the message of creation, inscribed also in our hearts: The beginning of everything is creative Wisdom and this Wisdom is love and goodness.

The best resource for intelligent design information is at the Access Research Network. Despite what other people might think I think that the “scientific discussion” of evolution and intelligent design increases our understanding of both. The “Cambrian Explosion” is a pretty fascinating evolution question. This question and others will probably lead some young people to try, figure out these paradoxes, and ultimately improve the theory of evolution.