RE: A staggeringly good “Catholic response”

An inspired piece of apologetics:

You write that you disagree with the Catholic Church’s positions on divorce and remarriage, birth control, abortion, homosexuality, and the male priesthood. May I suggest that you bracket these convictions for a moment and consider a more fundamental question: Is the Catholic Church who she claims to be? This question must be asked and answered before you can reasonably address the specific teachings of the Catholic Church, for if the Catholic claim is true, then you will be forced to reconsider your present beliefs.

I don’t know if I buy the inquirer’s letter…but Al Kimel is awfully impressive in his answer. Read the whole thing.
H/T Julie.

UPDATE: I am currently reading Catholic Matters, which Kimel mentions toward the end, and I highly recommend it. It’s a terrific read. Not at all pedantic. Friendly and warm is what it is. It’s in The Bookshelf, too.

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I am not Catholic but I found Kimel’s response probes my belief structure.