Watching the Ten Commandments with my son

Actually it was my wife who wanted to watch the Ten Commandments so my son and I went along. Last night we actually skipped 24 to watch it! However, my wife did not make it. She got about five minutes into watching it and figured out that she wasn’t going to make it. So she went to bed. We could of given up, too. Instead we ended up discussing the movie as we watched it. I pulled out my NIV Study Bible to check what it said about the events. We looked at the map and the best guess at the route taken by the Jews in the Exodus. His class at school had recently reviewed the Old Testament as part of their survey of major religions. He remembered seeing part of the original Ten Commandments movie in class so he had a few questions. We could see where the movie used some artistic license. Overall I liked the movie and I thought it did a good job of following the written version in the Bible without being boring. It is a nice complement to the “original” version and the written version in Bible.