OBAMA ON POLICY: A roundup….

A 1942 essay by George Orwell offers a highly qualified appreciation of the then (and still) politically incorrect Rudyard Kipling.

To govern is to choose, a Democrat of an earlier generation, John F. Kennedy, famously remarked. Is this generation of Democrats capable of governing?

Op-Ed Columnist
Democrats Should Read Kipling

Published: February 18, 2008

My guess is that Obama and Clinton have the best chance of the remaining candidates in becoming the next president. Recently I read the economic policy statement from the Obama web site and I was left a little confused. I expected the “change” candidate to advocate some major economic changes but I only saw only minor changes. This leaves me a little uncomfortable on his ability to govern. He sounds good on his sound bites but am I being sold the sizzle instead of the steak. I suspect that he will adopt Clinton’s plans if he wins. Although I am not a fan of Clinton’s plans, the Clinton folks have at least have put some thought into their plans. Since neither candidate has any significant political experience at this level and they look like they are going to be Democratic party conformists, it looks like they will have difficulty governing for a couple of years. They do not have to look far for the source of the problems. I think both candidates will be viewed as weak presidents and it is doubtful that either candidate will be able to unify their party.

In my peculiar view of the world, John McCain looks like he will have better relations with the Democratic party than either Obama or Clinton. This may not please some conservatives but it continues to make him appealing to independents who would like to see a president who could work with a House and Senate controlled by the Democratic party.