Why I Volunteer at Habitat

The most important lesson I learned as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity is that our primary goal is to build families. Families living in poverty have a lot of problems and their problems are both daunting and unrelenting. A new house is a big ticket item but it solves only a few of their problems. Almost all of the families are left with myriad of other problems in which each one by itself could derail the home ownership process. To embrace the American dream they need a helping hand from some friends and a lot of luck. When a family partners with Habitat to build their house, it is our hope and our prayer that this will be the turning point that will break the web of poverty. I find myself amazed and humbled when I see all of the families who have survived the odds and have now chosen to help others who are less fortunate. At the center of this process is a grace. Many of us have experience this freely given, unmerited favor in our lives. We enjoy it but rarely have the time to dwell on it. When we finally slow down and recognize how lucky we have been, we are in awe that it is God’s grace that has been working in us and through us for a vary long time. It is not we volunteer but how we volunteer that is making the difference. God’s grace is at its pinnacle when we see it seeded in these families who have found the strength to not only survive their hardships but reach out to help others. It is here I see the discipleship of grace in full bloom. Let the circle remain unbroken!