Local perspective from Cincinnati

I meant to write about this article on the ForeclosurePulse blog earlier. My particular interest is low income housing but I have a passing interest in the housing statistics for Cincinnati. So here is the breakdown:

  1. Cincinnati has about 7,385  properties on the RealtyTrac foreclosure list.
  2. The 45215 zip code which includes the low income area I am interested in has about 1,034 properties on the list.
  3. When I narrow the map down to the approximate area of the low income housing area, the number of properties on the list is only 41.

When I looked at this low income area in February the RealtyTrac foreclosure list number was over 100. Unlike the rest of the area and the country, 75% of the properties on this list are already owned by the bank. It looks like the housing bailout bill will be too late to help low income families.