Quotes that reinforce my pessimism about the stimulus package

Here are several quotes from Instapundit that reinforce my skepticism and frustration with the stimulus package. When you look at the failure of last year’s stimulus check to stimulate and the TARP bailout to revive the credit market, it looks like Congress is following California’s foot steps on how to mismanage a fiscal crisis. Do we really want to be like California right now? Read them and weep!

STEVE CHAPMAN: “We all know how we got into this economic mess. We spent too much, borrowed with abandon, and acted like the bills would never come due. So what’s the prescription for getting out? Spending more, borrowing more, and acting like the bills will never come due.”

DAN RIEHL: If there’s an emergency, why isn’t Congress acting like it’s an emergency?

THE EXAMINER: When state taxes rise, businesses and residents flee.

INSTAPUNDIT: My take remains this one: “This is not so much a stimulus, as a massive transfer of wealth from the politically unconnected to the politically connected.”