Give me some kind of sign.

Blogger Alert! Ann Althouse is in the neighborhood. 😉  I pass the sign in the picture below when I go the back way to the grocery store. I don’t know why the sign has always fascinated me. Maybe its because it reminds me of a short friend of mine. O’Bannon Creek flows in front of our farm.

Musical accompaniment actually playing on the radio when I was photographing signs yesterday. It proves God is watching over me, right? The sign I really wanted though was for this guy…
… this very fish to poke his smiling face up out of O’Bannon Creek.
But life is not so magical, and it should be enough that there are creeks and, presumably, somewhere in them, fish.

Give me some kind of sign.
[email protected] (Ann Althouse)
Sun, 17 May 2009 15:39:00 GMT