A Year Without A Summer?

On Friday the woman giving the weather report for the  Cincinnati area said we might need to break out the sweaters. She was predicting that the high temperatures for the day might set new records for the lowest recorded high temperature. It seems like we have had only seven days of summer weather. Last night when we were taking horses out, my son wore a sweatshirt.

Our fly population has been decimated by the cool Spring and Summer. Flies are warm weather insects. The house fly is the most temperature hardy but their population is down considerably over previous years. They were at least a month late in arriving this year because of the cool Spring.  Our deer fly population typically arrives during June and I don’t think I saw more than one or two. Now is the time when the first horse flies should be showing up. They are hot weather insects and diminish rapidly with the cool weather of Fall. It should be interesting to see how many horse files emerge if the temperature remains below average. This year is shaping up to be the coldest summer in ten years for me.