An open letter to America

Here’s what I think one of our “dis-respectful” elderly might say to Stevie about his post,  An open letter to America, in which he says,

Dear Everyone,
Stop debating health care reform. You have no idea what you are talking about. …

Stephen, you need to calm down a bit. The sound you hear from these town hall meetings is just our legislators going through a California legislative moment. Our elderly are taking their Congressman and Congresswoman back to the wood shed for a little Bible study. Stephen, we are old but we are not senile. The TARP bill was supposed to stem the tide of foreclosures. It didn’t. The stimulus bill was supposed to stimulate the economy and stem the rate of unemployment. It didn’t. Now you are trying to ram a Health Care Reform bill through Congress and the bulk of the “savings” is going to come out of Medicare benefits for the elderly and you want us to believe that we won’t notice it! Which part of “Thou shall not lie” do you not understand?