The Best Jokes about Obama and the 2016 Olympic games selection

The best jokes about the IOC selection of Rio for the 2016 Olympic games over Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid came from Rush Limbaugh. Frankly I think the IOC made the right decision. Brazil is a rising economic star and will likely be a great representative for South America. Rio is definitely a more exciting travel destination than Chicago or Tokyo.

"Who knew the Olympic Committee was a bunch of racists?" Limbaugh joked at the start of his program, saying he was waiting on official confirmation from former president Jimmy Carter, before turning to the gravity of the nation’s embarrassment. 

"When you stop to think about it, folks, doesn’t it make sense?" Limbaugh asked.  "Our president, Barack Hussein Obama, has been running around the world for nine months telling everybody how much our country sucks…. Why would anybody award the Olympics to such a crappy place?"

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