Warner, Dunkelberg spar on leading small-business problem

I work for a small business and we are reducing our inventory further in response to the continued drought in sales. Although we do not carry any debt, I doubt any small business would be willing to increase debt with such weak sales. Increased debt would increase the risk of bankruptcy if sales do not perk up. On the other hand if government could implement policies that would encourage increased sales, that would fix a multitude of business problems. In my humble opinion Dunkelberg is the winner of this debate.

Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow that NFIB is not talking to small businesses in Virginia when it claims credit demand is low. NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg responded saying that small-business owners across the country all say the same thing. "The top problem today is not credit … it’s no customers," Dunkelberg says. "All this nonsense we’re doing in Washington is not bringing in customers. They ought to be giving money to the taxpayers, to the citizens."

CNBC | 10/15

Warner, Dunkelberg spar on leading small-business problem
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Fri, 16 Oct 2009 05:00:00 GMT