Another Way to “read” the Bible and literary classics

About two years ago I decided to read the entire Bible. There are many ways to accomplish this task and I chose a Daily Reading plan served up to my RSS reader courtesy of The ESV Bible. When I started my second round of reading the Bible I increasingly used the audio version. This was much easier on those days when I was tired, unmotivated, and procrastination seemed to rule the day. About a month ago I started downloading podcasts to my phone. I play the reading on my way to work. This had been a very pleasant and fulfilling way to listen to the Bible and take advantage of the lost time during the morning commute. I enjoyed this endeavor so much I decided to listen to free audio books in the afternoon commute. In the morning I listen to the daily Bible reading and in the afternoon I listen to my daily reading of Pride and Prejudice courtesy of AudioOwl. It seems so appropriate that Pride and Prejudice is read by a woman with a British accent.