What a real gov does – NYPOST.com

In the NYPost.com editorial, What a real gov does, I think we are likely seeing a break through in the process of constructing a balanced budget. If the polling confirms his position of “no new taxes”, we will likely see major cuts in those school districts, cities, and states across the country “who kicked the can down the road” for the next group of legislators to deal with. I would not be surprised if the polling reveals a preference by the voters to deal with these budget deficit problems now rather later. Although these budget cuts will be very painful the more interesting question is whether the legislators will cut deep enough to start offering modest tax breaks for new business startups and expansions that create jobs in the private sector.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie clearly is serious about doing what he was elected to do — getting the budget under control, without reflexively raising taxes.

Noting that Jersey’s current budget contains "the same worn-out tricks of the trade that have become commonplace in Trenton, that have driven our citizens to anger and frustration and our wonderful state to the edge of bankruptcy," Christie on Thursday declared a new day.

Facing a $2.2 billion deficit in the current budget, the governor imposed fiscal emergency measures: By executive order, he froze $1.6 billion in unused state funds and started chopping in the areas where the money is — education and health care.