Senator Bunning’s Unappreciated Gifts

Up until Senator Bunning’s actions our legislators seemed to be acting more like the parents of an addicted child. Parents initially hope they can buy their way out of their child’s problem. Eventually they realize the compassionate solution  is tough love. I suspect that Senator Bunning’s actions reflect this thinking and that there is probably wide spread support for our legislators to stop the shell game style financing schemes. It is time for our legislators to embrace tough love.

By Alan Reynolds

Sen. Jim Bunning (R., Ky.) blocked “extended” unemployment benefits beyond their scheduled expiration on February 27. That thwarted bill would also have put off, again, a scheduled 21 percent cut in Medicare payments to physicians. Democrats were outraged. But why?

Bunning just wanted to use leftover “stimulus” money to pay for the benefits. Why not? Such transfer payments accounted for over 80 percent of stimulus spending last year.

Besides, as Federal Reserve policymakers noted, the evidence is overwhelming (see here and here) that extending unemployment benefits from six months to nearly two years has raised the unemployment rate by a percentage point or two. I’ve waited since 1991 for someone to prove I’m wrong about that. Nobody has, because nobody can.

If the maximum duration of jobless benefits were trimmed by 13 to 20 weeks (which is all that’s at stake), they would still be far more extended than ever before. But the unemployment rate by the time of this November’s elections would be much lower than otherwise. Would Democrats prefer to go into the elections with an unemployment rate near 10 percent or a rate below 9 percent?

As for Medicare, slashing payments to physicians is the Democrats’ favorite way of paying for expanding Medicaid enrollment and health-insurance subsidies for the non-poor. If they really think that will work, how can they possibly object to saving money sooner rather than later?

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Senator Bunning’s Unappreciated Gifts
Alan Reynolds
Sat, 27 Feb 2010 22:39:00 GMT