Great Ideas about Health Care Reform

My boss and I came to same realization on Friday. We would be more in favor of the individual mandate if the Federal government required everyone to buy one of our products, too. We are hurting just like the hospitals. Hospitals have un-insured patients and we have dead beat customers. Why can’t we get a piece of this mandate pie?

Here is a great idea that will help balance the budget. Instead of paying tax refunds in cash, they should give out GM or Chrysler rebates. This is definite step up from California’s IOU idea.

Don’t fret that the health care bill is doomed to failure but take pride that “politics as usual” has brought us in full circle to our fore fathers predicament, “Does too much federal power corrupt absolutely?”

Being a state official responsible for finding the funding for an expanded Medicaid system is just part of the job description, vassal for Washington.