Things that make me go hmm… Democrats for Fiscal Prudence

Recently I have been scouring the news in search of fiscally conservative Democrats campaign strategies or Democrats mentioning Pay-as-you-go budgeting as a budget deficit solution. I couple of months ago I thought that Ohio Governor Strickland was a likely choice to use a fiscally conservative Democrat strategy as part of his election campaign. Although it was unlikely that he would get my vote, this strategy might appeal to other independents. Instead the campaign opted to use a negative ad campaign strategy to woo independents. Unfortunately his campaign did not impress me so I am ready to mail in my ballot. Today I read a National Review article, A Democrat for Fiscal Prudence, that pointed out a Democrat following the fiscally conservative Democrat strategy. I think a political campaign more like the one being used by Julie Lassa would have been a more effective strategy of Strickland and the Democrats. The number one issue for the next couple of years will be how to reduce government spending and the Democratic party is largely ignoring the issue. The budget impasses in California, Illinois, and New York are good examples of governments controlled by Democrats that are ignoring the issue and hoping it will go away. I whimsically refer to this this issue as the Lord Voldemort of campaign issues. Here is the comment I made on

The Ohio governor’s race would be more interesting if the Strickland campaign adopted a stance closer to Democratic Wisconsin state senator Julie Lassa. Since I agree that Strickland’s campaign strategy is pretty dumb and not likely to improve enough by election time, I am ready to mail in my ballot.