When Do I Get my Obamacare Waiver?

Since it appears that 111 waivers have already been granted including a waiver for mini-med plans, I was wondering whether everyone who has a high deductible health insurance could be exempted? High deductible health care health insurance is the cornerstone of health savings account(HSA). For some people this is a very cost effective way to manage health care costs. I use the health re-imbursement account(HRA) I get at work to purchase a low cost, moderate deductible plan.  The cost of this plan is much lower than the HRA limit. This allows me some wiggle room if something unusual comes up that is not covered by the health insurance plan. The company I work for benefits since my family is healthy and I have been savvy about controlling our health care costs. Since this arrangement is beneficial for me and my company, it actually makes more sense that the government should waive my plan than it is to waive the high cost labor union or mini-med health care plans.

Michelle Malkin ยป The Obamacare Waiver-mania! movement builds