Obamacare: When Obama LIKES Imposing Higher Costs on ‘The Poor’

My biggest complaint with this new restriction on Health Savings Accounts is that it is a blatant attempt to make Health Savings Accounts less desirable by arbitrarily removing benefits. The combination of Health Savings Accounts with a high deductible health insurance represent a low cost competitor to ObamaCare. The primary political objective of ObamaCare was to limit health care alternatives and force everyone into one common but high cost comprehensive health care plan. The key to building support for the high cost health care plan is to hide the costs of the comprehensive plan and make the low cost plans less attractive. The government health plan had to be comprehensive to be acceptable to unions and large corporations. High health care costs have made some businesses uncompetitive and one solution is transfer their health care responsibilities to the government. Under this scenario control of the health care system is the primary objective. Controlling spiraling health care costs is a secondary consideration. Once control of the health care system is attained, then the government could force lower prices at will. It is hoped that the health care czars will be smart, benevolent dictators. The downside is that the proposed health care system could be an inefficient bureaucracy like Medicare or something much worse. Currently this particular scenario has such a dim political future that many large organizations have asked for exemptions from ObamaCare. With this deadly embrace of the status quo, the owners of these luxury health care plans having particularly dim future at controlling their spiraling health care costs and ultimately their product costs. If an individual believes that a low cost plan health plan is better for them, why should they be forced to bail out the high cost plans of unions and big businesses?

Health Savings Accounts and high deductible plans are nasty reminders to the people who wrote ObamaCare that if you have to pay for your health care, a lot of people will choose the basic health care plan over the high cost, comprehensive plans offered by large corporations and unions. Any one who has compared the COBRA health insurance offered  by your former employer with those offered by the major insurance companies would come to the conclusion that corporate health insurance is way overpriced and the first step to control your health costs is to take personal responsibility for your health care and cut out the unnecessary benefits. Under this system your good health results in money in your pocket. This issue exposes some core conflicts within ObamaCare. Who do we trust with our health care decisions, the individual or the government? Will the independent thinker ever be comfortable with the group think of ObamaCare? Can a country as ethnically, culturally diverse as the United States ever adopt the Swedish "homogeneous" view of health care or is this a fool’s errand in the process of creating a health care plan tailored for America?