Roast Chicken with Vegetables

One of our favorite mid-week dishes is roast chicken with vegetables. I can pick up a four pound bird at about 99 cents per pound. The recipe is simple. Cut up a bunch of your favorite vegetables and put them in the bottom of your dish with about a half cup of water. I used cauliflower, carrots, red potatoes, and shallots in the picture below. Put a little vegetable oil, salt, and pepper on the bird and stick it on a vertical roaster. I cook the bird for an hour and a half at 350° and then start measuring the temperature with an instant thermometer. I pull it out of the oven when the temperature goes above 160° and let the bird sit on a cutting board for a five minutes while I stir the vegetables with the broth in the dish. We really like the broth and vegetables. I am not sure which part of this meal we like better, the chicken or the vegetables, although we normally do not have leftover vegetables.