Who will protect consumers more, Richard Cordray or Dave Ramsey?

As a fan of the Dave Ramsey show, I think that Dave will help consumers more. As a resident of Ohio, I am familiar with Richard Cordray and respect his past accomplishments. However, it is very likely that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will spend far more money than their benefit to society. I don’t think you do not need to go too much farther than to listen to the priorities. Leveling the playing field between the banks and non-banks is a priority for “consumer financial protection”? I think a smarter financial consumer is the right answer.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray just did a quick spot on CNBC, and the anchors threw him a few hardballs.

But he threw them right back, after the anchors mentioned JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s "Dodd-Frankenstein" line, Cordray said that he had just spoken to Dimon on the phone yesterday, and that Dimon was "very interested in our effort to level the playing field between banks and non-banks."

Richard Cordray Was Just On CNBC, Mentioning Jamie Dimon And Staying Totally On Message