Things that make me go hmm… Disappearing Polar Ice

The problems Nome has had with getting oil delivered is an interesting story, U.S. Icebreaker About to Reach Cut-Off Alaska Town. It appears that the city of Nome contracted with the Russians since they had a ice-classed tanker available. Although it was ice-classed it was not an icebreaker. So Nome had to convince the Coast Guard to send their only available icebreaker up to Nome to clear a path for the tanker. Didn’t Al Gore say the ice cap is supposed to disappear by 2014? When you look at the map, Nome is pretty far south by Artic Circle standards. The Coast Guard has another icebreaker. It is a 35-year old ship that is undergoing a $60 million renovation. They are hoping the renovation will extend its life an additional 7 to 10 years. We are setting ourselves up a major disappointment if Al Gore is wrong about the disappearing ice cap.

For those who are more scientifically inclined the Sea Ice Reference Page,, is a great resource.