Beyond a reasonable doubt: Why George Zimmerman will go free

Having served on a jury trial I was curious about the phrase, “Beyond the shadow of a doubt”.  Here is what Wikipedia says about the phrase.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt is not the standard of proof in criminal cases (beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard in common law jurisdictions).

Unless there is some incriminating evidence we do not know about, it looks like the prosecution’s case is weak but it still must proceed to start the healing. There is nothing the prosecutors can do that will bring Trayvon Martin back to life and nothing they do to George Zimmerman to make things right. In hindsight Trayvon should have just kept walking and George should have covered up and taken a beating. Both George and Trayvon would likely have survived their fight battered, bruised, and maybe a bit wiser. Now we are left with the situation where Trayvon will never see his next birthday and George probably dreads the thought of carrying the burden of being Trayvon’s murderer for the rest of his life. For Trayvon’s family and friends revenge is a sour wine that does nothing to sooth their loss. Trayvon is gone. My sympathy and condolences go out to both Trayvon’s family and friends and George Zimmerman’s family and friends. Once again we are reminded that there are no “do overs” in the game of life.