Could Concealed Carry In the Theater Saved People In Aurora?

It was just a few days before the shooting at the theater in Aurora that we were chuckling at the video at showing a 71 year old man shooting at and chasing some would-be robbers out of an internet cafe. That got me to thinking. What would have happened if the movie theater allowed patrons with concealed carry training to carry their weapon into the theater. My guess is that at least one person would have pulled out their gun and engaged in a gun fight with Mr. Holmes. Like the 71 year old man this act of defiance would probably be effective at diverting the attention of Mr. Holmes and saving the lives of many movie patrons. Mr. Holmes tactical position was very poor. He was in the middle of an open stage. The rules for engagement for concealed carry weapon holders are clear. If he is shooting at you, you can shoot back. Although Mr. Holmes was reported to be wearing a bullet proof vest, if one bullet hit him he would have likely been knocked off his feet. Even if they did not hit him it is very likely that Mr. Holmes would have tried to find cover before continuing the gun fight. This would have made it very difficult or nearly impossible for Mr. Holmes to shoot patrons as they tried to leave the theater. The key to success for this plan is that the concealed carry patrons would not need to kill or wound Mr. Holmes. They just needed to buy some time for the patrons to escape, Mr. Holmes to run out of bullets, and the police to arrive.