The Gaffe that Joe Biden Did Not Say But Should Have

I was hoping that Joe Biden would say something about the Benghazi Attack like, “We screwed up, the buck stops here, and we are going to fix it”. This would have been easy for Joe and the country would be grateful. I think a lot of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans would hold the the Obama administration in much higher esteem if they took ownership for the mistakes made in Benghazi attack. It was a mistake and it is fixable. I am really uncomfortable with this Administration’s handling of the intelligence information. Either the the intelligence community botched the analysis and told the Administration the attack was due to the movie or the Administration knew it was a terrorist attack and chose to portray it differently for political reasons. Neither of these answers give me a warm, fuzzy feeling that we are prepared for the next major terrorist attack.

Instead Joe attempted to throw the intelligence community under the bus. The reports from different sources say the intelligence community knew this was a terrorist attack shortly after the attack started. If the Vice President’s assertion that they received bad intelligence is a lie, this affair is going to get very messy for the Administration. The intelligence community has a long history of playing this political game and protecting their turf. Good luck, Joe, with the next four years! It is time for this Administration to start emptying the political swamp surrounding the Benghazi attack.