Follow-up to my Questions about Health Reimbursement Accounts

On Monday I got a phone call from a person with the Department of Labor who was following up on the questions I asked in the post, My Questions to the Department of Labor about the status of my HRA. He was nice but he did not have any answers to my questions. He had some advice. He said that the Department of Health & Human Services wrote the FAQ so I should contact them about the logic behind the HRA rulings in FAQ #11. He said that they also might be able to explain the legal status of HRA for firms with less than 50 employees. Oh well!

I went to the and sites looking for more information on HRAs or a way to contact them. No luck! Each time I go to these sites I expect them to eventually be more like and each time I leave disappointed. When it comes down to questions I have about health insurance premiums and what alternatives I have, they are not much help. If these sites are an example of how health exchanges will be designed, we are in for a rough ride.