Irish Stout beer

irish stout beer, originally uploaded by billhuber.

This is a Irish Stout brew from MidWest Supplies. I thought I screwed this brew up and it came out really nice! Everything was going okay until the outside temperature dropped. So I started moving my carboy around looking for a warmer place that was out of the way. Most of the places I tried were probably too cold and I was worried. When I started bottling my specific gravity came in to high but I went ahead anyway. When I tried to siphon the beer out of the carboy I realized that I broke my siphon the last time I cleaned. I ended up siphoning the old fashion way. So seven weeks after brewing I open a bottle. As you can see I got a wonderful head and a really nice, mellow stout. I purchased a Guiness Stout a couple of months ago for some stew I was making and I was not impressed. This was much better to drink and would be a flavorful addition to browning stew meat.