Church of the Latter Day Health Care Advocates

I must admit that this post, “Are your employees ready for consumer-driven health care?”, made me chuckle. Any post on health care changes that fails to talk about the cost of health care sounds preachy rather than informative to me.  Now the health care pundits are pounding on my door and yelling you are going to hell unless you change your ways!

So here is their solution.

Aflac recommends that employees sit down with their employers’ human resource professionals to obtain explanations of key health plan terms, deductible limits, and copay and coinsurance requirements. Employees should also estimate their health care budgets and learn about all policies offered by their employers and on their state exchanges.

Yea, like that is going to help. I can’t wait to tell our part time human resource professional who is out on maternity leave about her new responsibility. As an employee of a small business my number one issue is hoping that the company will continue to keep our HRA funded in a difficult economy. Educating new employees is not issue. We have not hired anyone in four years.