My Greatest Health Care Fear

I must admit that my greatest health care is not getting sick but having my grandfathered policy canceled. I dread picking up my mail every day. Every day I look at the prices for policies on the federal and private exchanges, I imagine that dynamic duo of Affordable Care Act supporters and insurance companies are licking their chops. To them they see health care reform as a revenue problem and see me as the perfect insurance customer, healthy and have not filed a claim in twenty years. They have grand plans for health care reform and they need more money. Even though I may agree with some of their goals I am constantly irritated that once again a small portion of the middle class has been chosen to bear a disproportionate share of the burden. I feel betrayed by the President. I do not think he was careless when he said “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” He was expressing a commonly held belief that our existing plans were adequate and the transition would be planned, gradual, and painless. Now we find out that the health exchange was not planned very well, that insurance cancellation notices are snowballing, and getting a new policy via the federal exchange is painful. All of this pain and suffering for a reform that they are pretty sure will not work. Yeah, we are in the best of hands!