Review of Bonavita Kettle and Hario Coffee Dripper

Okay, I admit that I am a coffee geek. When my old Presto tea kettle finally stopped working I took the opportunity to upgrade my kettle and picked up Bonavita from Amazon. With a $60 price tag this is an expensive decision but I was willing to go the extra yard for a good cup of coffee. At the same time I purchased a Hario Coffee Dripper to try out the pour over style coffee.


My morning routine is to drink a cappuccino first and then follow it with a cup or two from my French press. By 730 am I am finished with my coffee for the day. Occasionally on the weekends I will get the snoozes around 4 pm so I will make a single cup of coffee. This is where the new kettle and the Hario coffee dripper shine. After making a couple of cups using the pour over technique I incorporated some of the same ideas into my French press technique. Now I steep my grains for about 40 seconds and pour the water along the sides of the carafe. Enjoy!