Some Helpful Information About Medicare and Assisted Living

I got a nice email from Laura at AssistedLivingToday who pointed out a broken link on my site and provided me with some helpful information about Medicare and elderly health care options. Since I have not looked into assisted living options I checked out her site. It was easy to use but it did not provide any recommendations for my zip code. So I searched the internet assisted living facilities near my zip code and came up with a few assisted living recommendations.

Here are her recommendations. The first link goes to eHealth Medicare, a division of eHealth, where you can shop for Medicare supplemental insurance. The second and third links go to a guide and Medicare cost information at The last link goes to a doctor finder that looks a little easier to use than the one provided by my insurance company. Fortunately I do not need any of these sites. Now if I can keep it that way for the next five years.