Things that make me go hmm…Credit Card Security and

This week we had another credit card breach announcement, Michaels Warns Customers of Possible Credit/Debit Card Leak. This breach sounds more like the Target breach rather than the alleged security problems with Once again the best information on the breaches can be found at KrebsOnSecurity. Unlike the problems identified at by TrustedSec, the problems at Target and Michaels appears to require some inside access to get the malware on point of sale terminals. Like most security breaches we, the public, will not know the extent of the problems for some time. The good news is that I can minimize my exposure to credit card fraud and identity theft by avoiding these places. As an additional security measure I bit the bullet and installed the mobile client for Quicken 14 on my phone. Although I am a long time user of Quicken I am updating on a three year cycle. This version has a mobile client. I was not excited about using the mobile client until I got worried about credit card fraud and identity theft. My solution is to minimize my credit card use and monitor my spending habits more closely. Even though I may become a victim of credit card fraud, I can minimize the damage.