What I Was Eating For Super Bowl Sunday

Buffalo Chicken NachosOkay, this the Buffalo Chicken Nachos I mentioned earlier. Buffalo chicken, cheddar and blue cheese, celery and black olives on top of Cool Ranch Doritos. It is really good but too much for two people. It is an interesting combination of flavors. I drank my California Steam lager with it. I have a love-hate affair with this beer. I initially thought I had screwed it up since it has a little sweet taste on the first sip. That sweetness may be because I forgot to decant the fermented starter liquid before pitching the yeast. I tried it a couple of days later and noticed that the beer was much clearer than my ales and it had a nice lager taste. The initial sweetness was less of a problem. So it has gone from one of my worst beers of 2013 to one of my best.